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MAR 24 AT 5:15 PM – MAR 25 AT 7:15 PM MDT Clothing S.W.A.P. (Savvy Women Avoiding a Purchase) The Remedy

Four opportunities exist at the SWAP:
1. Gather your used items for donation and bring them with you and we will get them to our chosen destination partner. Donation items are NOT swap items. If you wouldn’t gift the item to a friend it’s probably a SWAP item and needs to be in the donation boxes.
2. Gather items that you don’t wear, don’t like, or don’t need that are gently used or like new and bring them in to “SWAP” for new to you items. If you bring in 10 items we will assign a points value to each item based on our system and then you can shop the swap and take out as many items as you have points for! If you’ve washed the items and they are faded they are not good SWAP items. We want the BEST items for swapping. No money exchanged. We desire to keep our clothing in circulation longer by supporting slow fashion, be kind to our pocket books while also supporting and developing a keen fashion sense!
3. Bring any items that have broken zippers, missing buttons, have a snag, or are torn and put them in our upcycle boxes! (Or save it to repair at an upcycle workshop).
4. Bring any textile items (stuffed animals, rags, underwear, and clothing) you would have thrown in the garbage to recycle! Our S.T.I.T.C.H. (Sewing Together Inspiration with Threads for the Community of Homeless) program uses textile scraps to create blankets for the homeless and bedding for shelter animals.
Our main mission is to keep items OUT of the landfill!!! We need your help!

The event is finished.


Mar 25 2023