NILE Rodeo

First Annual NILE Rope N Stroke Fundraising Event

The First Annual NILE Rope N Stroke Fundraising Event is happening August 21st – 23rd!

Clean up those golf clubs and bust out your rope, we’re bound to have a weekend full of fun and entertainment! Doesn’t seem like these two worlds would intertwine, but in reality, it is the perfect crossover.

Here’s How it works:

  • Teams are made up of 3 individuals. All 3 members will golf and 2 will team rope.
  • Golfing will take place Saturday August 22nd at the Eagle Rock Golf Course in Shepherd, MT beginning at 9 a.m.
  • Team Roping will take place Sunday, August 23rd at the Blue Cat Arena in Huntley, MT at 10 a.m.
  • Don’t worry golfers, you will have your shot to swing a rope too so gather up a few tips on throwing a rope at a dummy!
  • Entry Fees are $425 per team which breaks down as follows: $150 per roper (2), $125 for golfer.
  • Payout will be 80% with 20% held out for NILE, office fee’s and fundraiser.
  • Teams will fill FAST! Entry’s open Tuesday, July 7th. Fee’s must be paid, and one member of team registered to hold a spot.

Rope N Stroke is LIMITED to the first 36 teams to pay.

Need help finding a team? Let them know, they already have people looking for partners.

Non-Competitors: There will be Calcutta’s for all to take part in, a live auction and likely, entertainment at the Blue Cat.

For more information, rules, and entry forms, visit

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