Sober Streets Billings “Gratitude in Action”

Ignatia’s House with their non-profit foundation “Gratitude in Action” has recently launched “Sober Streets” a program to help the homeless get off the streets of Billings. Their mission is to fund Recovery and Sober Living by creating a Community that empowers Men and Women with the opportunity to become self-supporting. They believe that together we can change our communities one life at a time. Your help is effective immediately, it is used to help provide a life changing opportunity to the suffering found on our streets. It is a hand up from the despair of addiction and homelessness. It is also sustainable because each resident becomes self sufficient through employment and life skills. The cost is nominal and each resident can accept assistance only once, then they are responsible to take care of their own responsibilities.

How can you help fund Sober Streets?

  • All Donations are used locally. 100% goes to the cause.
    • One month’s fee’s cost $500.00. However, many of our residents cannot afford this amount in spite of a real desire to take action to receive the help they need.
    • Other ways to help:
      • $25.00 gift cards for undergarments and socks
      • 10 pack bus pass
      • $25.00 gift card for groceries
      • Winter coats hats, gloves and scarves
      • $150.00 scholarships 1 person/ 1 week
      • $10 gift card for hygiene
      • New Twin Bedding

Gratitude In Action: 135 Monarch Billings, MT 59101. Call them at 406-696-8704.

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